Web Project Gallery

Web Project Gallery is an innovative project and it involves the creation of an exclusive and virtual exhibition space designed to support and complete the A.M Modern Art Gallery.

The A.M art gallery wants to create a unique and exciting exhibition space through a completely new communication method in the field of art galleries: a 3-D virtual space available to everyone.
The rooms and the works of art are totally interactive and they offer an original, pleasing and alternative visit opportunity in comparison to the usual reality. The virtual project is based on an idea of a plugged-in art gallery. It becomes real in front of the viewer thanks to a screen and it makes the exhibits realistic and dynamic.

Web Project Gallery is the realisation of a concept, a challenge, which has been created mentally and physically by exploiting the technology and the innovation. It has addressed the project to something new, enjoyable, real and complete. For this reason those people who visit this interactive world have a real perception of the gallery, the possibility to walk in, to watch slowly all the works of art and for those who want to have more details, they can select a work of art and find all the required information.

Recreating a real exhibition and the feeling of being in it, watching the works of art, moving from a room to another, reading the catalogue and downloading it: this was our challenge. The result is that people feel themselves involved in the exhibition space by sitting on their own sofa and by enjoying a new approach to the world of art, which allows even to a modern, young and active public to discover the contemporary artistic production.

Inside this new artistic reality, both private and common exhibits can be offered and they will allow to the user not only an analysed and entire evaluation of the shown works of art, but also an immediate and efficient purchase procedure to buy them.

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