Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Rauschenberg (Port Arthur, 22nd Oct 1925- Captiva Island, 12th May 2008) explored his artistic world pushing his interests beyond painting. His works are made unique by the way in which the artist has selected and matched the various elements of the collage, images in free reticular compositions and the imperfections of the serigraphic process. In the early ‘60s he started experimenting drawings and paintings with transfer. In 1962 he paid a visit to Andy Warhol in his study and became acquainted with the serigraphic method applied to painting, which he soon started to experiment and employ.

The usage of a means of commercial reproduction of images such as serigraphy and the abundant presence of images taken from the press led critics of the time to associate Rauschenberg with pop art, which was rapidly spreading all over New York. He reached Europe in 1964.

His experiences during his journeying in Italy, France, Jerusalem and India were reflected in the works created between 1970 and 1976. He lived and worked in New York and Captiva Island, Florida where he died on 12th May 2008. Robert Rauschenberg was the winner at the Biennial of Venice where he was definitely proclaimed the success of American pop art.

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